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RAP-412U RAM Mounts Roller-Ball Paddle Clip for Tracks

RAM Mounts

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RAP-412U RAM Mounts Roller-Ball™ Paddle Clip for Tracks

NOTE: When this item arrives, you may see the middle cap and spring hanging out of the center. This is perfectly normal. Place the spring and cap back into the middle and enjoy!

With the Roller-Ball™ Paddle Clip, secure your paddle quietly so no fish are scared away. Its three-point security design means there are always three points of tension keeping your paddle attached, while also ensuring quiet placement and removal. The Roller-Ball Paddle Clip can universally secure many other items such as nets and camera poles. The T-Bolt adapter is compatible with the RAM Tough-Track™ and most other kayak track systems, and holds paddles 1” – 1 5/16” in diameter.

Note: This product consists of one single Roller-Ball Paddle Clip. For larger paddles and heavy-duty applications, a second Roller-Ball may be required.

T-Bolt Dimensions: .48" x .95"

compatible items

Material: Rubber and High Strength Composite

Note: Part number reflects product packaged in a clear poly bag.

Weight: 7 OZ

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