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RAP-326U RAM Mounts EZY-MOUNT Quick Release Adapter Kit

RAM Mounts

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RAP-326U RAM Mounts EZY-MOUNT Quick Release Adapter Kit

Easy and convenient describe the RAM EZY-Mount™ line of products. Utilizing a quick release male to female union, these mounts are absolutely perfect for those who want the most secure, yet rapid release and portable kit possible. How does it work? Mate an EZY-Mount™ male or female component to any RAM cradle or device with the standard AMPS hole pattern.

Align the two parts and snap into place. To release, push back the release tab and go. One of the best features is the ability to easily swap out your GPS for MP3 or your radar detector for XM radio.

Note: "U in part number indicates that the Item is packaged in a poly bag.

Material: High Strength Composite

Ball Size:  Works with 1" Rubber Ball "B" Size items

NOTE: This listing is for the adapter shown only. You will still need to add a ball adapter, arm, etc...

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