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Crystal Pilot Adapter Smart Phone 3.5 (TRRS) CP-P - Audio - Flight Flix - Synergy Mounting Systems - RAM Mounts Authorized Dealer

Crystal Pilot Adapter Smart Phone 3.5 (TRRS) CP-P

Flight Flix

  • $ 15.99

P Adapter for Smart Phones & Smart Devices (TRRS 3.5mm) - This audio adapter is a high quality shielded cable that plugs into any 4 pole audio input on any smart phone or tablet with a standard 3.5mm input.

If you have a newer phone without the 3.5mm port, then there are dongle adapters available that plug into your charge port on your phone. Compatable with all iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. with a standard 3.5mm input (Newer devices without a 3.5mm input require dongle power port adapter. Apple brand dongle adapters are recommended for apple devices.)

***PLEASE NOTE*** This is only the adapter cable. A Crystal Pilot cable with Filter Box is required.

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