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Arkon AP013 80mm Adhesive Dash Disk with 3M Adhesive


  • $ 9.99


  • Adhesive mounting disk works with any 70mm windshield suction mounting pedestal for adhering to dashboards
  • Compatible with Arkon GN079WD-SBH, GN068WD-SBH, GN022-SBH, GN014-SBH, GN015-SBH, and GN042-SBH mounting pedestals
  • 2 year limited warranty


The AP013 80mm adhesive mounting disk allows you to mount an Arkon or third-party 70mm windshield suction mounting pedestal to your car’s dashboard, including Arkon’s mounting pedestal models GN079WD-SBH, GN068WD-SBH, GN022-SBH, GN014-SBH, GN015-SBH, and GN042-SBH. (Note that the disc is meant to be a bit larger than the mount to ensure a secure fit.) This package includes only the adhesive disk (mounting pedestals sold separately). To apply the adhesive disk to the car’s dashboard, simply remove the paper backing from the back of the plastic 3M dash mount disc, then place and press down on a previously cleaned surface.
(Use included alcohol pad to ensure mounting area is clean and free of any dashboard conditioners or other treatments. For best results, allow 24 hours for the disk adhesive to cure on the dashboard before securing the base of the mount to the center of the disk.)
While this disk is meant to be a semi-permanent solution, the disk can be removed from the dash by applying a generous amount of rubbing alcohol or similar adhesive removal product to the area with a cotton swab. Let the liquid saturate the area, then work a long piece of dental floss under the disk to cut through the adhesive until the disk is removed. For a 90mm disk to use with 80mm suction mounts, see Arkon Model AP020.

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